Jen a.k.a J.P (foofighter0234) wrote in 1944,
Jen a.k.a J.P

memorable pix from Normandy and Pointe du Hoc

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the pics don't work......
those were awesome..they were sad too..
thank you

I cried at the cemetery
I would have too...

my grandpa is a veteran of the second world war.

where did your Grandpa fight?


July 3 2006, 14:10:09 UTC 10 years ago

those were also..very sad too..I'm teary now.
Great photos, thanks for sharing. :)

Justa sidenote; Are you Jewish? you seemed to take special photos of the Jewish graves. Just a thought :)

Oh and I could tell you why the 101st's Eagle is screaming if you'd like to hear the story.
you're welcome :)

I'm Jewish :)

I don't know what the eagle is screaming but I read BoB and a quote from it is "What's that eagle screaming for?" "Help, help, help!"
The eagle is a homage to the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Regiment of Infantry US (1st Brigade, aka the Iron Brigade) during the Civil War. The mascot was a bald Eagle named Old Abe. The Regiment's colorguard would take the eagle into battle with them and he would fly out in front of the regiment on a tether and scream and carry on, which would freak out the Rebs. The Rebs actually put a bounty out on the bird at one point. Old Abe participated in several battles was wounded several times, but survived.
Thus the "Screaming Eagle" on the 101st's insignia.

that's funny

where'd you learn that?
Read it in a book about the 101st. Can't exactly remember which book though...I have several :-/


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

o__o those are awesome!!!

I lived in Germany when I was younger. x3 I wanted to go visit the cemetary so bad...

Shankchu for posting!!
You're welcome :)
<__< -huggles Roe- =D
*snuggles Renee* :D
^-^ Yay!!! -dances-

Do chu have MSN?


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9 years ago

beautiful stuff. Going back for the second time this year (in 2 years time) so excited!
That's awesome :D
ooh yeah, but as belgians it's not so hard :) 6hrs :)
cool pictures you have here.