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Submission Call: War Journal

If there has been any constant throughout every age, it has been war. But wars are more than just signposts on the road of history. Rather, they are powerful human events with repercussions both global and personal. War Journal wishes to explore, in prose and art, the relationship humans have with war.

From the First Dynasty Wars of Egypt (2925-2776 BCE) to the widespread guerrilla and civil wars of the 1980s, War Journal looks to the men and women affected by combat… at home or on the battlefront. War is invariably ugly, but it can also have a noble face.

Tales of war have been with us since the advent of storytelling. Some of the earliest and most enduring pieces of literature ever created have been about war. War Journal wants to be a part of that tradition, as well as that of the pulp magazines of the American fiction boom. To that end, creative work of all varieties, from fiction to artwork, is welcome in the pages of War Journal.

Submissions to War Journal need not be limited to portrayals of the American military, though the emphasis is there. We should also point out that although War Journal is not pro-war, we are pro-military, so please keep all submissions respectful to men and women in uniform. Any military action or war depicted in War Journal should not have occurred any later than 1986. Any submissions regarding contemporary operations, such as the war in Iraq, will be rejected.

Interested contributors should submit their work electronically as a rich- or plaintext email -– no attachments, please -– of no more than 5,000 words. No serial installments or novel excerpts. No serial installments or novel excerpts. If a piece is less than 2,500 words, the author should query first.

We ask that artists submit links to their work as posted online. We have need of both interior and cover-art pieces. Multiple or simultaneous submissions are perfectly acceptable.

Please note that War Journal does not accept fan-fiction. Any work featuring copyrighted characters, situations or other material will be rejected.

War Journal publishes quarterly and contributors to an issue will receive a copy as payment or $11 via PayPal. All submissions remain the property of the contributor. The editors of War Journal merely reserve the right to reprint in perpetuity the issue in which the contributor’s work appears. All submissions are subject to edit.

In addition, War Journal may request that certain material be allowed into collected format, subject to a separate agreement with the contributor.


  • Check your submission carefully for spelling and grammar errors. This isn't optional.

  • Has your submission been previously published? Where? When? And do we have the right to include it in our quarterly?

  • Cut-off for submissions is 11/1 for the December 2006 debut issue. This date is not negotiable!

  • The email address for submissions is submissions[at]fish-end.com. Be sure Submission to War Journal is in the subject line.
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